Teeth to date

We have been on a long journey with sam and his teeth let me remind you of what was meant to happen

1. He was to have a operation to have 2 teeth out that are hidden in the roof of his mouth

2. He was going to have a brace for 6 months

3. He needed a operation to have his jaw realigned and moved forward

4. He would then have the last lot of braces

After around 9 months of going to and fro the different specialist and hospitals

This is the decision that has been made

1. He doesn’t need his jaw realigned as they are not sure if it will make his lock jaw any worst or any better

2. Yesterday we learned that he might not need a  operation to have his 2 teeth out that’s in the roof of his mouth

Which  we are all relieved about

the other thing he will need is a brace to  straighten his tooth

Its been a long journey but we can look back and say we had the best advice x


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