To be or not to be

At this time of year there very busy at school

Christmas plays
Carol service

Hannah’s been talking about her school play from last month she was fine with everything but as the days have got closer the less she was  eager to discuss it

Monday she came out of school telling us that she was going  to be a elf in the play

Tuesday morning came and everything was going well we even arrived at school before 10 which to say she walked was a great achievement that was until we walked in the door at school where one of the staff had a go at her for being late and missing most of the plays rehearsal telling her that she should be in early tomorrow so she knows what she’s doing in the play

That evening wasn’t very pleasant she was in a right bad mood shouting at everyone throwing things around we wondered what had happened not putting 2 and 2 together

Wednesday morning comes and what a change there was in her the screaming was back and so was her fighting I got kicked punched and nearly bit

She was screaming saying she doesn’t want to go to school wouldn’t get ready  kicking me while I’m trying to get her shoes and socks on we’ve not had anything like this for 3 weeks something must have set her off

Finally we got her ready for school and out the door she seemed calmer so as we walked to school I asked her why she didn’t want to go to school and she said that she didn’t want to take part in the school play

This came as a bit of a shock

My first thought was that I should try and  persuade her to take part but then that was my feelings as a parent we all want to see our children take part in the Christmas play

But I have to put aside my feelings because Hannah comes first  I know deep down that its the right choice so I’m going into school and having a word with her teacher and telling her that Hannah doesn’t want to be part of the play and to explain that it is causing lots of  anxiety at home


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