Miracles do happen

This week has started really well

Yesterday Hannah got up in a great mood she was up and out of bed for 8:15 without any fuss no screaming no kicking

I got her dressed and carried her downstairs first thing she did was open her calendar

Breakfast time went smoothly as well after breakfast she had her hair done while I did her sandwiches for school she got herself ready getting her boots on and coat she was even ready before me for once

We left the house at 8:45 a record in our books

The walk to school was nice as well  she wanted to count how many dogs she saw on the way but ended up counting birds nests as there where no dogs out

We got to school for 9:15 yet again another record broken

She had a good day at school as always we went to asda for a drink and because she woke up and went to school nicely she got some sweets as well

When we got home I wanted to keep the happy Hannah so I got out the Christmas cards so she could write them out for her friends at school when she had finished she watched a bit of telly

Tea-time came and went without any hiccups she couldn’t wait to get to swim club we always arrive early and she sits at the edge of the pool while the ones before her finish off there lesson but this week the swim coach asked if it was OK for Hannah to show them how she does her breathing which she was eager to do as she loves being in the water then she had to show them how to do a front crawl

Time for her swimming club practice and this week they were going in the big pool after a quick warm up and a run through they all went through and one by one they had to do 1 length of back stroke and 1 length of front crawl at the end

her swimming coach said she definitely needs to be in this pool but as she’s leaving next week she wants to keep her for just 1 more lesson so after Christmas she will be full time in the big pool which means she can go more then 1 day a week

Its been a very full day for Hannah but she still didn’t go to sleep until 11

When we went to bed it was all talk about her swimming and what a great day it was and then the worry of what tomorrow bring

Tuesday morning

Went to wake Hannah up and got a no so went for a cuppa and gave it 10 mins

Went back up and woke her again and she was more willing managed to get her dressed and carried her down breakfast went well and managed to get out the door without any problems

It was a frosty walk which got us talking about the different footprints and markings left by dogs and pushchairs

she wondered they the sun hadn’t melted the frost so had to explain that it was to cold

We walk through the school doors at 9:10 record time woohoo I just hope she has a great day at school

It seems that taking her out of the school plays was the right decision


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