Saying goodbye

Last Monday we knew that Hannah would be moving up to the competition pool and that her swimming coach would be leaving the club altogether

She had been Hannah’s swimming coach from her 5th birthday we only known her for a short time but she’s made such a impact that I was sad saying bye

As it was her last week she wanted Hannah to be in her final lesson which we was happy to give her

But then last night Hannah was sick most off the night and spent the rest of the day in bed

I went to the shop and got her a card and present which we where going to take down and just hand it over at the end and also so find out who would be her new coach

But Hannah had other ideas she decided that she was also going to swim even though we wasn’t keen on the idea and thought she should rest but she took it at her pace and managed the lesson well

At the end the little ones went in the big pool where it was decided who would move up and Hannah was the only one even through she  was the last to join the club out of this group she’s the first to move up

When they had all completed 2 lengths of the pool we was all  going back into the  training pool when the head coach stopped and waited for the older ones to complete there lengths then address the whole pool and said a few words about our coach which has been with the club for a while and handed over flowers and gifts

Then we moved back into the training pool where they all jumped in to warm up before getting out again and saying our goodbyes we gave her our gifts which was emotional then  said our thanks for everything that’s she’s done and wished her well for the future


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