Looking back 2012

I don’t know about you but I always like looking back over the year this year has been a really good one

I’ve been surprised at some of the photo’s and how much my children have changed in them

This year we have seen some big birthdays the first was that Hannah turned 5 and for her 5th birthday she became a farmer for the day which she still talks about to this day

Then Josiah turned 18 and for his 18th we took him out for a family meal and brought him his first pint

Also this year Hannah’s swimming has reached new highs first she moved up to the big pool in her swimming lessons and she also joined the local swimming club which has done wonders for her swimming and just before they broke up for the Christmas holidays saw her move up to the competition pool as well she’s also gained quite a few new badges as well reaching her 400 meters

We also received some good news the treatment the dentist said sam would need to straighten his tooth wasn’t needed after lots of appointments with different specialist

This year also saw us move into a new house with the help from some friends it went very smoothly and Hannah’s made great friends with the new neighbours

Sam started a new era in his life he left school and started college which for him was a big thing as he’s autistic but with the help of his brother has gone smoothly

Hannah also started school which hasn’t gone as smoothly but where getting the help needed

We also saw the great show this country has seen in a long time the Olympic games the torch going through towns and cities making people feel apart of it following the touch until it arrived in London where the opening of the games and what a opening it was thousands gathering around the TV

Then came the games themselves the athletes put on a wonderful show and the whole country got behind them the medals just kept coming gold sliver and bronze it was sad saying goodbye to the Olympic and Paralympics games but it was so nice seeing the whole country come together

This year has been so packed we’ve been to loads of places baked a loads of cakes and had some wonderful memories so as this year is coming to an end here’s to next year and what ever it has install for us we will grab it with both hands and celebrate ♥


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