Snow fun

The other day I notice these ice marbles making the rounds on the Internet and so had to give them a try

So first we went to asda to pick up some supplies

1 pack of balloons
6 bottles of food colourings

we found it was better to put the food colouring in first then fill them with water and left them outside in the snow at night I checked them and they still hadn’t froze so pick a few and placed them in a bag then put them in the freezer

This morning as hannah’s school was closed because of the snow I went to check the ones in the freezer and they was ready to go


Hannah had a really good time playing with these


Then we came in for lunch and to warm up

After a while we decided to make some more snowmen on the front after a bit of time out there we where joined by one of our neighbours children it was so nice seeing them play together making little snowmen then the neighbour the other side came out to play as well and all three helped each other build a snowman


The little boy went back home so hannah and her friend from next door came in and started playing with her ponies hannah was showing her the tattoos that she put on and wanted to put some more on so they both picked out a few and went off upstairs to put them on



Her friends


Its really been a fun snow day


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