My room

2 years old

Why am I in here
Doesn’t she love me no more
I cry and cry
Mum walks through the door
She gives me a hug and tells me she loves me
Telling me I’m a big girl now
Who needs her own room
I try and be brave
But there’s shadows on the wall

7 years old

Get out of my room
Mum Adam’s in my room again
Messing with my stuff
I wish he would keep out this is my room not his

9years old

Katie are you home yet
Yes mum
I’m in my room with a few friends
Playing on Xbox live
Can we order pizza for tea

15 years old

I rush up to my room and jump on my bed
Tears running down my face
Why did he have to brake up with me

21 years old

I can’t believe I’m leaving
This rooms been my sanctuary for years
But now I have my own place to live
Mum says my room will always be here for me
As I wipe away the tears

Goodbye room


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