600 meters

Hannah’s been working towards getting her bronze swimming badge and last week she had to redo her 400 meter badge doing one front and one back swim

For the front Hannah decided to do what I like to call froggy which isn’t her strongest stroke but she kept going

Her swimming teacher asked to see if she could get her 600 meters as well so the bar was set

24 lengths
Her teacher said it was alright if she went over time

I walked up and down the pool encouraging her and counting the lengths also making sure she didn’t bang into anyone when she had to do her backstroke as the lesson only used the first lane and there was about 8 other children

We got to the final 4 lengths left and Hannah gave me a huge smile knowing that she was nearly finished she had passed her 400 meters

which was the requirement for doing her bronze and soon after finished her 600 meters badge


Her swimming teacher asked her to get out and rest but Hannah had other ideas she joined the rest of the lesson and used her float and continued with the lesson doing log rolls with her float in hand with a huge smile on her face she was just having fun but did another 3 lengths

This week hopefully Hannah will get her bronze swimming badge


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