6 years

Yesterday was hannah’s 6th birthday and as a family tradition she had the day off school

Hannah got up at 7 o’clock and came in our room for a snuggle before we got up

She had some toast for breakfast which watching tv

The postman came and brought her some birthday cards

Then she opened her birthday presents


The first thing she played with was her cake making play doh set and made us some lovely cakes

Then we opened her drawing board where she made me a great picture


This year we took her bowling which she’s never done


She got 2 strikes and beat me 🙂

We also had a meal there and chatted about coming back in the easter holidays

Then she wanted to play air hockey first she played her dad and won


Then she played me and I had to regain some dignity after losing at bowling and bet her 6-4

Time to leave and head off for home where we had to set up the party food for when her brother’s come home from college but before they arrived we had another surprise up our sleeve

We had invited a few of her friends to play at the local play centre before returning home where the party continued until about 9pm

She said she had a really great day when asked if she would like a birthday everyday she said no as it wouldn’t be as special


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