Bowling fun

Today we decided to go bowling mixed with a spot of shopping

we even managed to persuade sam to come with us as well which is good as he doesn’t like going out much

Hannah was really excited its become her new thing to do

We arrive and collected our shoes and set the lane up which took us a while to figure out and we was all set

Hannah didn’t want to use the aid and was finding it hard bowling without it but managed to knock a few pins down until at one point her ball went in the next lane which was a little funny

It was nice seeing sam enjoying himself he and he did really well getting a strike and was winning until I played my last ball

Then we had a few games of air hockey

First to go was sam against his dad which dad won by 2 points

Then Hannah beat both me and her dad

The final game was against me and sam which he managed to beat me

We hadn’t had any lunch so we went to mac’s for dinner which Hannah played in their play area before we hit the shops

It has been a great day with lots of laughs


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