How many

Today like most Fridays it was Hannah’s swimming lesson

This week we knew she would be doing her 800m so when we arrived she was all set

The only problem we was having trouble getting her swimming hat to stay on

They all have to wear them now and  there all different colours depending on which stage there at

Hannah’s on the last hat which is purple but this week it just wouldn’t stay on in the end her swimming teacher sorted it out and she was finally ready to jump in and begin

Then just as she started off her swimming teacher came up to me and said try and get her to do 40 lengths and get her 1000m meter badge as well

Now we knew that she would be doing 32 lengths so what’s 8 more so with pen and paper in hand I marked off each length as she completed them

When she got half way she started to slow down after a few words of encouragement she was back to her normal pace now we were on the count down

The final 10 lengths and near disaster her swimming hat came off I quickly grabbed it of her and she carried on like the true trooper she is nothing stopping her achieving her goal

Then we were on the final leg 5 more lengths to go by this point she had got her 800 meters and was well on her way to getting her 1000 meters

The last 2 lengths she was smiling all the way knowing that after she had finished them she would be getting not 1 but 2 badges


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