Out with the old in with the new

For the last few years I’ve been using a computer my old faithful as I used to call it until recently its been slow taking ages to load one page  which has really got on my nerve’s tapping my foot and waiting I was ready to throw the whole thing out the window

Then it started having software problems as well and I finally had enough of it it was time to upgrade instead of having a massive computer at the side of the sofa I thought this time I would go for a laptop with the weather being so nice I could take it outside and sit in the sun without being stuck to being indoors

So I went on the hunt after looking on the internet which I used my nexus for as my old faithful would take so long I found the one on amazon I wanted so I asked hubby to check it out for me and he gave me the ok

I got some money saved up but had to take a little extra out of the bank to go towards it

The best part was that the laptop I wanted had come down in price by £50 it was supposed to be £349 and I got it for £299 so come Tuesday morning the buy button got clicked even better hubby got Amazon’s express service which meant it was coming on Wednesday

Wednesday morning came I took Hannah to school and rushed home eagerly waiting for my laptop I’m sure the delivery trucks where having a laugh every time I looked out the window there was a different truck pulling up and nipping to other houses to deliver there goodies when finally I gave up hope and decided to have some toast I just bit into my first slice when there was a knock on the door I had a quick look out the window and there was a car but no truck I opened the door and there was a woman with my laptop in her hand woohoo after signing for it I couldn’t wait to open it

There she was my little blue lenovo I put the battery in and was surprised as it came fully charged after a quick set up I was on my way and I couldn’t believe how fast the internet was on it and the keyboard very smooth took me a while to get used to using windows 8 but I had definitely made the right choose



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