I find it amazing that a simple game of snap can have my daughter in fits of laughter but it’s true.

Yesterday after tea me and my daughter sat down to a game of snap. I shuffled the small deck of cards – which she got from the play centre early on in the afternoon from one of the machines that they systematically place right next to the exit.

After all the cards were shuffled and dealt out it was on with the game, taking it in turns to place our cards down anticipating when the first snap would come. On the turn of the next card and there it was! I left a short pause giving my daughter a chance to snap but it never came so SNAP — I got the first pile of cards.

I placed the next card down and I noticed this time she had a small hand hovering over the pile of cards. She was even looking at her cards before she placed them down,  getting SNAP before I even had a chance, so I gave her a little tickle asking her if she was cheating, to which she let out a roar of laughter.

This carried on for a while. Her little hand hovering over the pile of cards with big belly laughter as she shouted out SNAP. There was so much laughter that she even had to go to the loo. She even took her cards with her so I wouldn’t nick any.

When she came back the game recommenced. After a few cards had been placed down I finally got the chance to claw some cards back, shouting snap!! Then the little hovering hand was back which caused her to laugh even more as she knew the next snap would be hers.

I was down to 3 cards to her 49, so I knew that the game would soon be over and my daughter would be crowned the (rightful) winner.

I’m linking this post to @oliversmadhouse #magicmoments


8 thoughts on “snap

  1. I so loved playing this game as a child! and some of my fave childhood memories are while playing this game .. although my brother used to sulk!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

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