got the buzz

There’s nothing like watching my little girl swimming to give me a buzz but yesterday it went to a whole new level 

Yesterday she took part in her first Gala 

She’s been swimming with her local club since she was 5 but this was the first time she was able to take part in a full blown Gala

We arrived a bit to early and had quite a wait before we where aloud to enter and get ready

She was one of the first that was able to warm-up after doing about 6 lengths it was time to climb out and let the older one’s there warm-up

Then came the races and the whole place came alive with shouts of encouragement after a while Hannah came over all overwhelmed by it all after settling her down and a few reassuring hugs i took her back over where all the other competitors were

They were sorting out the next set of races and thankfully it was time we had all been waiting for Hannah race she was in the 3rd set so there wasn’t long to wait i returned back to my seat feeling a little anxious as to whether or not she would find the courage inside to part take

As each race came and went the closer it came and the more nervous i became as to what would happen

Then came her race she stood at the edge of the pool and the official was talking to her telling her what she needed to do she didn’t talk to them just a simple nod of the head told us all that she understood what was being told to her

The whistle came to which she entered the pool hanging on to the starting block next came the honk which signaled the start of the race and she was off the other competitors were a  few years older thn she is and 2 of them even dived in but she managed to keep up with them breathing  every 3 strokes she came to the turn and as she’s been taught she didn’t put her feet down just touched and pushed off the wall

Now the final stretch still keeping up she suddenly found a extra burst it was a close call at the end  and the buzz came she’d done it she didn’t come first but she had taken part and that just alone was the amazing part she came out of the pool beaming and she came over and received a massive hug from me her face was glowing 

I can’t wait for next week when we have to do it all over again here to another buzz 


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8 thoughts on “got the buzz

  1. That’s great. My son is improving his swimming fast, but we are a way away from his first gala. Looking forward to that day though. Sounds like your daughter really made you proud.

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