First Words

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These are the most eagerly awaited words in the world for every parent. What will it be? Almost ever child will either come out with mummy or daddy.

With my eldest Josiah it was his dad’s name Al

With my second Sam it was mummy so we were 1 child each

Then i became pregnant with out third child and we where both wondering what her first word would be. To be honest there was a bit of rivalry between us, both of us consistently repeating Mama or Dada to her.

As she grow the anticipation was growing What would her first words be?
Then it came. We were pushing her along in her pushchair going to her grandparents us talking about what we were having for dinner, we had just walked round the corner to her house her first word popped out her tiny month, to our complete shock it wasn’t mum or dad — no it was gay-gee as you can imagine we stopped dead in our tracks wondering if we had heard her right, So we repeated it back to “gay-gee” to her just as she had said and no we hadn’t missed heard her, she said it again almost like she was asking a question “gay-gee” to which he replied “yes you can have gravy with your dinner”

To this day it still makes us smile when ever we talk about our children’s first words.


11 thoughts on “First Words

  1. Those first words are such a milestone! I must admit that I wonder whether missed my daughters’ real first words by not recognising them (especially as we’re raising them bilingually!). I guess I’ll never really know, but for now I’m sticking with “Dadda” (yahoo – that’s one for me!) and “Choos” (= cheers…which I must clarify we taught her to say with her bottle of *milk*!!!)

    Hope you had a nice meal with gay-gee!

  2. With my son we were never quite sure whether he had really said something or was just babbling. His first word that was very clearly related to real life was “mp” (lamp), as he pointed at the light switch and repeated it happily when he was lifted up so he could press the switch. My daughter pointed at her Daddy and said “dada”. That was very clear.

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