Friends house

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Hannah had been playing out with our neighbor’s children most of the day, our neighbor had to nip out so i kept a eye on them making sure they were alright, when Hannah  walked in asking if she could go round next door to look at his bedroom her only condition was that i had to go round as well.

I told her that she would have to wait until our neighbor came back, so they carried on playing outside and after a few minutes she arrived back, Hannah dashed through the door saying it was time.

Our neighbor Know’s what Hannah’s like and after i told her that she wanted to see his room (by the way he’s only 4 🙂 ) she was fine, we both entered, and she quickly ran upstairs to his room, after a quick check to make sure that i was there she was back upstairs, i left her there and returned home,

5 minutes went by and no sign of her, i kept listening for her coming back but nothing, 10 minutes still nothing, 20 minutes later and the door bell went.

It was our neighbor staying that Hannah had come downstairs and she had told her that i had to nip home to do some jobs to which she was happy and went back upstairs playing,  we where both so happy Hannah’s not been to her friends house to play since March, refusing to go anywhere unless i was there, where both hopping that she will now go round to play a lot more.

She had been there a full 25 minutes before continuing to play on the front.


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