Stroke of luck

Harry and Amy had just finished packing there last box and Harry loaded it the lorry closed the doors and leaned back and stirred back at the now empty  house Amy came  and joined him Harry slipped his arm round Amy and they both stood there looking back after 5 years they were finally moving out of there home if that’s what you could it everything was falling apart but the owner couldn’t be bothered to fix it up and last winter they had spent most if it at his mum’s house because the heating wouldn’t work Harry and Amy wasn’t prepared to let the twins and Katie go through all that again especially now they were expecting there 4th child so when Harry got his promotion at work the first thing they did was look for a home and tonight they would spend it in there home

As they turned the corner of their new street the sun decided to come out from them dark clouds Amy couldn’t help but smile things where starting to look up for once Harry unlocked the front door while Amy picked up the box at her feet bring it straight into the kitchen let’s have a cup of coffee before we start unpacking Harry had to laugh his wonderful wife was always so organized  they sat on the back garden Amy leaned her head on Harry’s shoulder at this moment at she is the happiest she’d even been 








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