Drawing fun

Hannah loves to draw and I thought it would be a good idea to have somewhere to record them and what better place then my blog


This one is a jungle scene


This is the sea with a shark


This ine is a block of flats with a slide


This is a house with santa and his sledge with a few of  his reindeer

She has a great imagination


Colouring fun

Hannah loves to colour

We keep a well stocked box full of crayons  I say box but its a old lunch box that we don’t use anymore 


With plenty of colouring book as well as drawing books its the one thing that’s guaranteed Hannah will use everyday

She just loves to colour and draw no matter where we are just yesterday she was sat at a table in the library colouring in


If there’s paper and crayons then she’s there here are her latest pictures she’s finished off



Even now as I’m writing this she’s sat down colouring her new book


Choosing the colours carefully and trying to stay in the lines

No matter how many toys she has the colouring books win 🙂

Ikea family

The other day we went to ikea

On the way there Hannah was sat in her booster chair eating candy floss and singing songs asking every now and again if we where there yet

We told her to let us know when she saw ikea after a while she shouted “I can see ikea family”

On entering the car park Hannah got really excited as they had built the new out doors play area and she wanted to know if she could go and play on it and we said if its open then yes

She practically ran there eager to see if she could play and yes it was so off she went for 10 mins and then we decided to have a drink

As soon as we walked through the doors we knew something was different they had face painting and a balloonist there

They was celebrating 25 years

But first we needed a drink so off to the cafe we went while we sat back and enjoyed a cuppa Hannah went to play in the indoor area

Now it’s time to start shopping but first Hannah wanted a balloon she choose a white balloon and the balloonist made it into a dog for her

We grab a twirly trolley and Hannah stood on it until we reached the spinning chairs which she has to have a spin on

After a while we moved on after going so far they had a activity table set up and a person drawing people’s faces which Hannah was more interested in so we queued up and when it came to her turn she sat down while she drew her


We said we would get a frame for it while we was there

After we had walked round the first half it was time for dinner there meatball and chips are the best

Time to see if we can book Hannah in the play area they have with it being half term she has to wait half a hour before so booked her time slot and carried on shopping

The time came where Hannah could go and play we waved her off and contuied on our way round we picked up a few things for the house and of course a picture frame for Hannah’s drawing

It was time to pick Hannah up and go for our final cuppa on coming out of the cafe Hannah decided she didn’t want her dog balloon so she gave it away to a little boy 🙂

So of we set for home with a boot full of goodies 🙂