Friends house

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Hannah had been playing out with our neighbor’s children most of the day, our neighbor had to nip out so i kept a eye on them making sure they were alright, when Hannah  walked in asking if she could go round next door to look at his bedroom her only condition was that i had to go round as well.

I told her that she would have to wait until our neighbor came back, so they carried on playing outside and after a few minutes she arrived back, Hannah dashed through the door saying it was time.

Our neighbor Know’s what Hannah’s like and after i told her that she wanted to see his room (by the way he’s only 4 🙂 ) she was fine, we both entered, and she quickly ran upstairs to his room, after a quick check to make sure that i was there she was back upstairs, i left her there and returned home,

5 minutes went by and no sign of her, i kept listening for her coming back but nothing, 10 minutes still nothing, 20 minutes later and the door bell went.

It was our neighbor staying that Hannah had come downstairs and she had told her that i had to nip home to do some jobs to which she was happy and went back upstairs playing,  we where both so happy Hannah’s not been to her friends house to play since March, refusing to go anywhere unless i was there, where both hopping that she will now go round to play a lot more.

She had been there a full 25 minutes before continuing to play on the front.


6 years

Yesterday was hannah’s 6th birthday and as a family tradition she had the day off school

Hannah got up at 7 o’clock and came in our room for a snuggle before we got up

She had some toast for breakfast which watching tv

The postman came and brought her some birthday cards

Then she opened her birthday presents


The first thing she played with was her cake making play doh set and made us some lovely cakes

Then we opened her drawing board where she made me a great picture


This year we took her bowling which she’s never done


She got 2 strikes and beat me 🙂

We also had a meal there and chatted about coming back in the easter holidays

Then she wanted to play air hockey first she played her dad and won


Then she played me and I had to regain some dignity after losing at bowling and bet her 6-4

Time to leave and head off for home where we had to set up the party food for when her brother’s come home from college but before they arrived we had another surprise up our sleeve

We had invited a few of her friends to play at the local play centre before returning home where the party continued until about 9pm

She said she had a really great day when asked if she would like a birthday everyday she said no as it wouldn’t be as special

Snow fun

The other day I notice these ice marbles making the rounds on the Internet and so had to give them a try

So first we went to asda to pick up some supplies

1 pack of balloons
6 bottles of food colourings

we found it was better to put the food colouring in first then fill them with water and left them outside in the snow at night I checked them and they still hadn’t froze so pick a few and placed them in a bag then put them in the freezer

This morning as hannah’s school was closed because of the snow I went to check the ones in the freezer and they was ready to go


Hannah had a really good time playing with these


Then we came in for lunch and to warm up

After a while we decided to make some more snowmen on the front after a bit of time out there we where joined by one of our neighbours children it was so nice seeing them play together making little snowmen then the neighbour the other side came out to play as well and all three helped each other build a snowman


The little boy went back home so hannah and her friend from next door came in and started playing with her ponies hannah was showing her the tattoos that she put on and wanted to put some more on so they both picked out a few and went off upstairs to put them on



Her friends


Its really been a fun snow day

Looking back 2012

I don’t know about you but I always like looking back over the year this year has been a really good one

I’ve been surprised at some of the photo’s and how much my children have changed in them

This year we have seen some big birthdays the first was that Hannah turned 5 and for her 5th birthday she became a farmer for the day which she still talks about to this day

Then Josiah turned 18 and for his 18th we took him out for a family meal and brought him his first pint

Also this year Hannah’s swimming has reached new highs first she moved up to the big pool in her swimming lessons and she also joined the local swimming club which has done wonders for her swimming and just before they broke up for the Christmas holidays saw her move up to the competition pool as well she’s also gained quite a few new badges as well reaching her 400 meters

We also received some good news the treatment the dentist said sam would need to straighten his tooth wasn’t needed after lots of appointments with different specialist

This year also saw us move into a new house with the help from some friends it went very smoothly and Hannah’s made great friends with the new neighbours

Sam started a new era in his life he left school and started college which for him was a big thing as he’s autistic but with the help of his brother has gone smoothly

Hannah also started school which hasn’t gone as smoothly but where getting the help needed

We also saw the great show this country has seen in a long time the Olympic games the torch going through towns and cities making people feel apart of it following the touch until it arrived in London where the opening of the games and what a opening it was thousands gathering around the TV

Then came the games themselves the athletes put on a wonderful show and the whole country got behind them the medals just kept coming gold sliver and bronze it was sad saying goodbye to the Olympic and Paralympics games but it was so nice seeing the whole country come together

This year has been so packed we’ve been to loads of places baked a loads of cakes and had some wonderful memories so as this year is coming to an end here’s to next year and what ever it has install for us we will grab it with both hands and celebrate ♥

Happy birthday Sam

Yesterday was Sam’s 17th birthday and as always he had the choice whether to go to college or stay at home and have a family day

Every year since he has been at school we have given him the day off school to celebrate his birthday

So it came as a bit of a shock that he wanted to go to college because this would be the first time he wouldn’t spend his birthday with us as a family

It felt strange not having him around all day but we couldn’t wait for him to get home and celebrate

As soon as we had fetched Hannah from school we started on the party food





Hannah invited round to 2 neighbours that she plays with not long after Sam and josiah came home by this time most of the party food was done

Then everyone else started to arrive in total there was 15 people

This is Sam cake


There was plenty of food to go round and loads left at the end

Can’t wait for the next party now x

Fab day

Had a really great day

First it started with the neighbours little one coming round to see if Hannah could play at her house

Which for 1 was great because it meant we could get the whole house cleaned

2 it was so nice that we have moved and the neighbours wanted to play with her instead of tormenting her which is what happened for 8 years at the other house

Then when our neighbour brought her back she got a invite to go round her house on Sunday evening to watch DVD’s

After a bit of time we took her to the local play centre which is only a 2 min walk away

She loved it and spent the next 2 hours running around and climbing everywhere


When it was time to leave we picked up some chips on the way home

She has just asked if she could go to our other neighbours house to play lol

I just hope that this time when I put her to bed that she would sleep before midnight

Moving house

Yes where finally moving house

The new house is lovely and very calming

We can even see horses from the bedroom windows

It’s 3 bedrooms with 1 spacious bathroom and a downstairs toilet

So no more queuing for the loo

The kitchen has a dining area as well with patio doors which lead onto the back garden

The packing going well so far 35 boxes have been packed and there’s still more things left

12 of these boxes are full of books well I guess you can’t have to many books

Everyone has been hands on and we have had outside help with josiahs girlfriends mum bring round boxes for us so where not short of them

She is also going to be driving the van when the time comes to leave

I can’t believe how much we have it seems to be a never ending

We can’t move for all the boxes that have been packed so today where taking some of them to the new house

And where also going to have our tea there as well from the chip shop so no cooking today