Steam train

Today we went to Sherwood Steam train. It’s a nice little place with a working steam train which we had a lovely ride on


Hannah and her grandad even got a chance to pull the chain that made the train  whistle and we also got to look at the furnace




We went through gnome village




After we had a nice cup of coffee and hannah played on the park


It’s a great place for young children hannah really enjoyed it


I swing

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Friday was Hannah’s swimming lesson for months now after leaving the pool she’s been asking if she could go to the park which you can see from inside the swimming baths but the weathers not been great for it

This Friday was different we had SUN and with it being half term we decided to take her to the park it was a bit of a risk as she doesn’t like coming away but we was hoping that with her having swimming lesson straight after it would be a lot easier

First thing she did was run straight for the climbing frames which includes monkey bars these have become a firm favorite with her lately her dads always nearby in case she needs a little help even if she doesn’t want him there always the independent

Next she moved onto the roundabout which didn’t last long spying a free swing and running right over I’m sat on the beach and as soon as i see she’s heading for the swing i wait for the yell mum can you push me but it never came instead she jumped right on and started swing all on her own



it melted my heart to see her do this all by herself after all those years before when the doctors said that she may never walk but then came the words that i had been waiting for mum can you push me which really made me smile 🙂

Before she came off the swings me and her always have a swing together its part of our swing ritual

Then came her 10 minute warning that we would be leaving soon which made her run back to the monkey bars 5 minute warning and she was off everywhere swings slide roundabouts

Time to leave, at first she was reluctant to come off rushing to yet another climbing frame after telling her “that if she didn’t come off the park nicely we won’t be coming back for a while” giving her to the count of 3 and telling her “that she might be late for her swimming lesson” she finally decided to come off to which we told her “because she came off the park nicely we would bring her back soon”


I find it amazing that a simple game of snap can have my daughter in fits of laughter but it’s true.

Yesterday after tea me and my daughter sat down to a game of snap. I shuffled the small deck of cards – which she got from the play centre early on in the afternoon from one of the machines that they systematically place right next to the exit.

After all the cards were shuffled and dealt out it was on with the game, taking it in turns to place our cards down anticipating when the first snap would come. On the turn of the next card and there it was! I left a short pause giving my daughter a chance to snap but it never came so SNAP — I got the first pile of cards.

I placed the next card down and I noticed this time she had a small hand hovering over the pile of cards. She was even looking at her cards before she placed them down,  getting SNAP before I even had a chance, so I gave her a little tickle asking her if she was cheating, to which she let out a roar of laughter.

This carried on for a while. Her little hand hovering over the pile of cards with big belly laughter as she shouted out SNAP. There was so much laughter that she even had to go to the loo. She even took her cards with her so I wouldn’t nick any.

When she came back the game recommenced. After a few cards had been placed down I finally got the chance to claw some cards back, shouting snap!! Then the little hovering hand was back which caused her to laugh even more as she knew the next snap would be hers.

I was down to 3 cards to her 49, so I knew that the game would soon be over and my daughter would be crowned the (rightful) winner.

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Bank holiday fun

Today we was meant to be going to a BBQ but it didn’t quite work out so instead we went to asda to pick something up for tea

While we were there we decided to pick up a BBQ and some sausages that was dinner sorted

We got home and started on dinner the sausages where cooking nicely hannah doesn’t eat meat so she had a cob while we tucked in our lunch

After it was ice creams all round


Then we decided it was such a lovely day and what a waste it would be to spend it at home so off to rufford park I packed a snackwich for us to enjoy while we were there

It was packed there was even notices that the car park was full but we managed to find a space

As always we headed straight for the cafe before a look around the shop where hannah brought some bubbles then it was on the the play area


She really enjoyed playing in the sand pit

Time was getting short but hannah had noticed that they had bouncy castles out and she wanted to have a go


Next it was onto the inflatable slide


As we where walking back to the car hannah said she wanted to try and climb a tree


Then she carried on pushing her pram back


Before we left I couldn’t help take a photo the these bluebells they’re one of my favourite flowers


How many

Today like most Fridays it was Hannah’s swimming lesson

This week we knew she would be doing her 800m so when we arrived she was all set

The only problem we was having trouble getting her swimming hat to stay on

They all have to wear them now and  there all different colours depending on which stage there at

Hannah’s on the last hat which is purple but this week it just wouldn’t stay on in the end her swimming teacher sorted it out and she was finally ready to jump in and begin

Then just as she started off her swimming teacher came up to me and said try and get her to do 40 lengths and get her 1000m meter badge as well

Now we knew that she would be doing 32 lengths so what’s 8 more so with pen and paper in hand I marked off each length as she completed them

When she got half way she started to slow down after a few words of encouragement she was back to her normal pace now we were on the count down

The final 10 lengths and near disaster her swimming hat came off I quickly grabbed it of her and she carried on like the true trooper she is nothing stopping her achieving her goal

Then we were on the final leg 5 more lengths to go by this point she had got her 800 meters and was well on her way to getting her 1000 meters

The last 2 lengths she was smiling all the way knowing that after she had finished them she would be getting not 1 but 2 badges

Drawing fun

Hannah loves to draw and I thought it would be a good idea to have somewhere to record them and what better place then my blog


This one is a jungle scene


This is the sea with a shark


This ine is a block of flats with a slide


This is a house with santa and his sledge with a few of  his reindeer

She has a great imagination