First Words

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These are the most eagerly awaited words in the world for every parent. What will it be? Almost ever child will either come out with mummy or daddy.

With my eldest Josiah it was his dad’s name Al

With my second Sam it was mummy so we were 1 child each

Then i became pregnant with out third child and we where both wondering what her first word would be. To be honest there was a bit of rivalry between us, both of us consistently repeating Mama or Dada to her.

As she grow the anticipation was growing What would her first words be?
Then it came. We were pushing her along in her pushchair going to her grandparents us talking about what we were having for dinner, we had just walked round the corner to her house her first word popped out her tiny month, to our complete shock it wasn’t mum or dad — no it was gay-gee as you can imagine we stopped dead in our tracks wondering if we had heard her right, So we repeated it back to “gay-gee” to her just as she had said and no we hadn’t missed heard her, she said it again almost like she was asking a question “gay-gee” to which he replied “yes you can have gravy with your dinner”

To this day it still makes us smile when ever we talk about our children’s first words.


Through the Door

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Ever since my daughter started going to school we’ve had a problem with her going, she would become violent and extremely upset, after about 6 months nothing had changed in fact she was getting even worse, there were days that we couldn’t get her to school something had to change. After some thought we decided that a different school would be a lot easier, the school we had in mind was a lot smaller and it was closer to where we lived.

The first few days were hard, again she didn’t want to go and my legs bore the battle marks, last month we had been given some tablets from the doctors to help her sleep as she could still be running around until gone midnight or singing in bed until about 2 in the morning, we were reluctant to give them to her at first not wanting to go down that road, but after some thought we decided to give then a go after all we had nothing to lose.

That night we gave her the tablet in her drink we couldn’t believe it she was a sleep for 10 pm for the first time since she was 9 months old.

The next morning i woke her up for school, got her dressed and set out, the walk to school was really nice full of chatter until she saw the school gates, all the talking stopped she grabbed my hand, we walked round to her class where her teacher was waiting and she walked straight in, over the next couple of months it was amazing she walked to school with no fuss and could be seen skipping into class.

Then came the May half term holidays after a week off it was time to dig out her school uniform again, on the way to school as always she was talking none stop,  we got round to her classroom door and instead off skipping in she froze and flung both her arms round my leg refusing to let go, her teacher was at the door waiting to welcome the children back into school, she saw Hannah, and came over and spoke to Hannah still she didn’t move, so her teacher took her by the hand and we both walked her to the door, we finally managed to get her in the classroom, where i left her in tear’s.

This happened for the next 3 days me taking her and leaving her in floods of tears, both me and her teacher became concerned and i explained that she had done this before at her last school as well as nursery, and we didn’t know how to help her overcome this big step, her teacher said that she will have a think and see if she could come up with anything.

The next day we set out for school, we got to her classroom door again she froze clinging to my leg, her teacher came over and asked her if she would like to help so and so water the plants and lo and behold she took her teachers hand and walked into class with no tears.

Over the next few weeks it worked wonders, she still froze at the door but as soon as she was assigned to a job she was happy walking into class and leaving me.

As always you can never have too much of a good thing, her teacher came over and said she would like to try and get Hannah in school without giving her a job to do. I could see where she was coming from but i was also worried that she would revert back to her old ways.

So last Tuesday i walked Hannah to school, as we got closer to the gates there was a notice saying that they had found a bee’s nest and we couldn’t go in our usual door instead we had to used a different classes door, Hannah waited until she caught her teachers eye and being asked to go inside before walking into class. She still struggles everyday to go into class but least i’m not leaving her in floods of tears.



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I swing

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Friday was Hannah’s swimming lesson for months now after leaving the pool she’s been asking if she could go to the park which you can see from inside the swimming baths but the weathers not been great for it

This Friday was different we had SUN and with it being half term we decided to take her to the park it was a bit of a risk as she doesn’t like coming away but we was hoping that with her having swimming lesson straight after it would be a lot easier

First thing she did was run straight for the climbing frames which includes monkey bars these have become a firm favorite with her lately her dads always nearby in case she needs a little help even if she doesn’t want him there always the independent

Next she moved onto the roundabout which didn’t last long spying a free swing and running right over I’m sat on the beach and as soon as i see she’s heading for the swing i wait for the yell mum can you push me but it never came instead she jumped right on and started swing all on her own



it melted my heart to see her do this all by herself after all those years before when the doctors said that she may never walk but then came the words that i had been waiting for mum can you push me which really made me smile 🙂

Before she came off the swings me and her always have a swing together its part of our swing ritual

Then came her 10 minute warning that we would be leaving soon which made her run back to the monkey bars 5 minute warning and she was off everywhere swings slide roundabouts

Time to leave, at first she was reluctant to come off rushing to yet another climbing frame after telling her “that if she didn’t come off the park nicely we won’t be coming back for a while” giving her to the count of 3 and telling her “that she might be late for her swimming lesson” she finally decided to come off to which we told her “because she came off the park nicely we would bring her back soon”