Out with the old in with the new

For the last few years I’ve been using a computer my old faithful as I used to call it until recently its been slow taking ages to load one page  which has really got on my nerve’s tapping my foot and waiting I was ready to throw the whole thing out the window

Then it started having software problems as well and I finally had enough of it it was time to upgrade instead of having a massive computer at the side of the sofa I thought this time I would go for a laptop with the weather being so nice I could take it outside and sit in the sun without being stuck to being indoors

So I went on the hunt after looking on the internet which I used my nexus for as my old faithful would take so long I found the one on amazon I wanted so I asked hubby to check it out for me and he gave me the ok

I got some money saved up but had to take a little extra out of the bank to go towards it

The best part was that the laptop I wanted had come down in price by £50 it was supposed to be £349 and I got it for £299 so come Tuesday morning the buy button got clicked even better hubby got Amazon’s express service which meant it was coming on Wednesday

Wednesday morning came I took Hannah to school and rushed home eagerly waiting for my laptop I’m sure the delivery trucks where having a laugh every time I looked out the window there was a different truck pulling up and nipping to other houses to deliver there goodies when finally I gave up hope and decided to have some toast I just bit into my first slice when there was a knock on the door I had a quick look out the window and there was a car but no truck I opened the door and there was a woman with my laptop in her hand woohoo after signing for it I couldn’t wait to open it

There she was my little blue lenovo I put the battery in and was surprised as it came fully charged after a quick set up I was on my way and I couldn’t believe how fast the internet was on it and the keyboard very smooth took me a while to get used to using windows 8 but I had definitely made the right choose



Shoebox part 2

We enjoyed doing the shoebox for the samaritan’s purse so we started another one

This time we decided to do one for a boy aged 2 – 4 year old

We only had a few days left as they had to be in school this Tuesday

Here are the photo’s of the items







This is the list of items we put in our shoebox

Soft teddy
Colouring pencils
Felt tip pens
Wax crayons
Toy car
Chalk board with chalk
Sticker book
Colouring book
And finally a drawing book

Hannah helped wrap and place them all in the box





A lot of the items came under £1 apart from the flash cards this box came to £11

We’ve really enjoyed doing them and will definitely be doing them again x

Shoe box

A few weeks ago Hannah came home from school with a letter as they do

But this one really took my interest they where doing shoeboxes for the Samaritan’s purse

I’ve always wanted to do one

Thankfully I’d not long brought some new trainers and I hadn’t thrown away the box


I went through the list of things we could place in our shoe box

Here is are some photos of the items we have decided to put












There is a list of things

2 games
Doodle book
colour by numbers
Felt tip pens
pencil case
Toy rings and bracelets

The last thing to do was wrap the box up


We chose to do our box for a 5-9 year old girl


All the items in the box cost around £1 each there was just a few that came under £1

Our whole box came to around £9

Which is a small price to pay to put a smile on someone’s face at Christmas ☺

And it pours

Today I broke my own rule

Years ago I vowed never to buy another umbrella again

But today’s weather changed all that

I’ve had quite a few in the past and here are my reasons why I don’t like them to much

First they blow inside out which drives me nuts

Second the wind is always blowing them everywhere and you need 2 hands to hold them up which by then I get so fed-up that I just put it down as its easier to walk without one

But today on the school run it was raining so fast that I nipped into asda and brought my first one in years

Now I might not use it every time it rains and I have to go out but now I own one

Double Trolly

When we go food shopping you should see the looks we get

Why you may wonder

Well we have 2 trolleys

Some off you may think wow they have a lot of food to buy

But no we only have 1 Trolly for food

The second Trolly is for Hannah which no food can be placed in this Trolly at all

This has been going on for quite a while now the only thing that can go in her Trolly is her and hedgehog

The only time she will get out of the Trolly for is to get some sweets for herself and then she’s straight back in the Trolly again right up until the end of the shop

Not sure why this has started I can’t even tell you when

If we go to a certain food centre where they have clothes upstairs then we have to go up even if we are not buying anything just to come back down to start our food shopping

All I know is she won’t walk round anymore she even has her set way round

I know to some people this may be strange but it works for us