Stroke of luck

Harry and Amy had just finished packing there last box and Harry loaded it the lorry closed the doors and leaned back and stirred back at the now empty  house Amy came  and joined him Harry slipped his arm round Amy and they both stood there looking back after 5 years they were finally moving out of there home if that’s what you could it everything was falling apart but the owner couldn’t be bothered to fix it up and last winter they had spent most if it at his mum’s house because the heating wouldn’t work Harry and Amy wasn’t prepared to let the twins and Katie go through all that again especially now they were expecting there 4th child so when Harry got his promotion at work the first thing they did was look for a home and tonight they would spend it in there home

As they turned the corner of their new street the sun decided to come out from them dark clouds Amy couldn’t help but smile things where starting to look up for once Harry unlocked the front door while Amy picked up the box at her feet bring it straight into the kitchen let’s have a cup of coffee before we start unpacking Harry had to laugh his wonderful wife was always so organized  they sat on the back garden Amy leaned her head on Harry’s shoulder at this moment at she is the happiest she’d even been 








Windy days

The autumn wind
Whirls round and round
Then crashers to the ground
Knocking over bins and everything in it’s stride

The winter wind
Is so blustery
Blowing snow and hail
Upon our faces

The spring wind
Is so refreshing
Drying washing
And trees just swaying

The summer wind
Is mererly just a breeze
Cooling our faces
A few degrees

My room

2 years old

Why am I in here
Doesn’t she love me no more
I cry and cry
Mum walks through the door
She gives me a hug and tells me she loves me
Telling me I’m a big girl now
Who needs her own room
I try and be brave
But there’s shadows on the wall

7 years old

Get out of my room
Mum Adam’s in my room again
Messing with my stuff
I wish he would keep out this is my room not his

9years old

Katie are you home yet
Yes mum
I’m in my room with a few friends
Playing on Xbox live
Can we order pizza for tea

15 years old

I rush up to my room and jump on my bed
Tears running down my face
Why did he have to brake up with me

21 years old

I can’t believe I’m leaving
This rooms been my sanctuary for years
But now I have my own place to live
Mum says my room will always be here for me
As I wipe away the tears

Goodbye room

A new life

Today I’ve been reborn, no I mean reborn as today is my birthday. this day I entered this world I have just taken my first breath, I have a new life

I wonder what I will become, I wonder if the world has changed since I was last here

As I’m placed in my mum’s arms I seem to recognize her from my distant past, who could she be those eyes look so familiar, its like my old eyes but brighter

Surely not, how could it be, I’ve been looking for those eyes for year’s and here they are before me

My long lost daughter looking at me

Park bench

Think of the guy on the park bench
While you turn up your thermostat

Think of the guy on the park bench
While you sat round the dinner table eating your turkey

Think of the guy on the park bench
While sat laughing and toasting in the new year

Think of the guy on the park bench
While your cosy in your bed not a thought of him in your head

But he’s wishing for all them things while he’s laying his head on that park bench