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Colouring fun

Hannah loves to colour

We keep a well stocked box full of crayons  I say box but its a old lunch box that we don’t use anymore 


With plenty of colouring book as well as drawing books its the one thing that’s guaranteed Hannah will use everyday

She just loves to colour and draw no matter where we are just yesterday she was sat at a table in the library colouring in


If there’s paper and crayons then she’s there here are her latest pictures she’s finished off



Even now as I’m writing this she’s sat down colouring her new book


Choosing the colours carefully and trying to stay in the lines

No matter how many toys she has the colouring books win 🙂


Story time

Over the last week I’ve been reading Hannah a bedtime story and I thought I would share it with you all

The book is called Stunt bunny MEDAL MAYHEM

by Tamsyn Murray

We picked it up at our local library

It’s a book about a group of animals that star in a TV show called Superpets

Now all the pets on the show have a chance to take part in the biggest show of all the Animalympics

It’s a really great book for all the children missing the Olympic Games

And yes just like this years olympics the Animalympics take part in Great Britain


I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

Fun in the sun

Today we went in town first to the library to get some more books for Hannah and pick up her sliver medal for the summer reading challenge

Then it was off to the beach that the town have setup its a big sandpit where the littles ones can play


After she had played for a while she moved on to play in the fountain and got completely soaked





She had a great time and I got wet trying to get her out

It was great seeing her laughing and giggling

Then I had to buy her some new clothes as her dress was as drenched

Half term

Well it’s Monday morning and the half term hols are all over

Lads have gone back to there places of education

Hannah will be later going back to hers as well

But the half term has been a full filled week

First we went to rufford park where we saw the lake had frozen over

Got muddy one fun day out

J got a new girlfriend on Wednesday and took her to see women in black

On thursday we took Hannah swimming which she really enjoyed and spent 3 hours in the pool full of laughs and some great swimming

Friday was ikea and we picked up some new plates its Hannah’s favourite place to go

We brought mac’s home for tea

Then Saturday Hannah went to her gym lesson and the library

Finally Sunday we had grandparents round for dinner then went to my dads

The lads have been out most of the week seeing friends

Now it’s all back to normal the half term has gone by so fast

It’s been so nice having them home it’s a shame they have to go back to school or college

I love having them at home

Meet the gruffalo




Today at our library they where having a gruffalo day

There was all sorts of things to do you could make a bookmark or a gruffalo mask

Hannah made a bookmark

The library was so full and the atmosphere was buzzing all the children where very excited

Then it was time for a story with was about the gruffalo the floor was so full Hannah had to stand at the back

After the story was finished it was time to shout for the gruffalo

Then the gruffalo appeared at the back of the library which we were very lucky as it meant we was very close

We joined the queue to meet the gruffalo after about 10 minutes it was Hannah’s turn her dad held her as she’s not sure about theses sort of things and I took the photo