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brick wall

Imagine wanting to go to a friends house

You get yourself ready socks and shoes on your so excited  you walk to the front door

You open it and your just about to step out when suddenly a brick walk pops up out of no where  right in front of you preventing you from going out as soon as the door shuts the brick wall comes down and the anger comes pure frustion you want to go out but you can’t your whole body screams NO which then leaves you screaming, crying

Not very nice is it

Well this is my child she wants to go out but as soon as the front door is open a brick wall pops up and she just can’t go out unless I’m with her

Even her dad can’t take her anywhere unless I’m there

This happened again today she was so excited that her dad was going to take her to the park but she just couldn’t step foot out of the door

Then come’s the rage furniture was turned upside down, doors slammed, hitting, screaming, for the next  2 hours until finally she had no more left and locked herself in the bathroom where she finally calmed down

This brakes my heart and there’s nothing we can do to help her

some people will say well why don’t you just go with her but this DOESN’T solve the problem

She can’t even go next door to play anymore the brick wall come’s back up  the only time she gets to play is if they come to our house or if I go along to the neighbours with her

So we’ve been trying to get her out with her dad as a way off showing her that  you don’t always need mummy there all the time to have fun and that when she returns mummy’s always there waiting for her, but it’s not working

If anyone has any ideas which might help I’m willing to give anything a go



Blanket tears

Hannah had earned her duckling 1 swimming badge and I thought I was nice to sew it on her baby blanket


So then we could keep her only baby blanket and swimming badges safe

But how wrong was I hannah saw what I had done today and it caused a meltdown for more then 30 mins

Even j’s girlfriend tried to calm her down with no avail

After a while of her crying and hiding under the table I managed to get her to sit on my knee and listen to what I had to say

I managed to turn it around by making her laugh and tell her that the blanket would be kept forever and that it was her friend and that it was still soft

So we made it into a game and now she’s going around laughing with her blanket

So now I’m able to sew even more badges on 🙂

Turned out good in the end