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Speaking with Selective Mutism Success

This morning was Hannah’s progress assembly. Hannah had a speaking part and yesterday she proudly came home with her lines that she needed to learn which didn’t take her long to memorize.

The only problem is that Hannah has got selective mutism, which means she very rarely speaks in public. In fact she finds it hard talking to her grandparents. Last year she only spoke to then 3 times.

So this morning walking to school she clutched her lines in her hands refusing to put them in her bag. Half way to school i noticed that she wasn’t carrying her lines… she had lost them. I was going to retrace our steps but didn’t know where she had dropped them when Hannah said, “It’s alright i know them”.

We arrived at school and she went into her classroom while we took our seats in the hall. Everyone had a part to play. When it was Hannah’s turn she stood up and she read out her part.

I must have had the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t believe she had done it. I even had a few tears.

This time last year Hannah refused to say her part, and now she finally spoke a few words. This school has been so good for her confidence.


Early night in your dreams

After all yesterday’s playing you would think that Hannah might be a sleep earlier than normal

Yeah right if only

First it started with her complaining of belly ache which after going to the loo twice she calmed down

So I went down to carry on reading my book

After a short time she started crying again I take a quick glance at the clock its 11:30pm

I rush upstairs to see what was wrong with her  and she’s had worked herself in a right state it took awhile to  calm her down and tell me what was upsetting her

The tattoos that she had put on yesterday she said that she didn’t want them on now for school tomorrow told her we would wash them off in the morning and that everything would be fine settled her back down


Returned to my book so I could finish the chapter before climbing the stairs for bed

I’d only been downstairs 3 mins and more screaming erupted running back upstairs she was scratchings at her arms saying she just wants them off she was so worried about going to school with her tattoos on it was too late to wash them all off as she had put on  14 tattoo’s  again I settled her down hoping that she would fall to sleep

There’s not a night that goes by that something hasn’t upset her about going to school whether its the clothes she’s going to wear or the walk there she even crosses of the days I’ve wrote on her calander that are for school she thinks that if she crosses them off then its not going to happen 

Went back downstairs and finally finished my chapter and at 12:45 climbed the stairs for bed

Went in her room to see if she was asleep her eyes where wide open said goodnight

Then climbed into bed and was just drifting off to sleep when I can hear her singing a quick glance at the clock and its 1:15

Arrrr why won’t she sleep

Looking back 2012

I don’t know about you but I always like looking back over the year this year has been a really good one

I’ve been surprised at some of the photo’s and how much my children have changed in them

This year we have seen some big birthdays the first was that Hannah turned 5 and for her 5th birthday she became a farmer for the day which she still talks about to this day

Then Josiah turned 18 and for his 18th we took him out for a family meal and brought him his first pint

Also this year Hannah’s swimming has reached new highs first she moved up to the big pool in her swimming lessons and she also joined the local swimming club which has done wonders for her swimming and just before they broke up for the Christmas holidays saw her move up to the competition pool as well she’s also gained quite a few new badges as well reaching her 400 meters

We also received some good news the treatment the dentist said sam would need to straighten his tooth wasn’t needed after lots of appointments with different specialist

This year also saw us move into a new house with the help from some friends it went very smoothly and Hannah’s made great friends with the new neighbours

Sam started a new era in his life he left school and started college which for him was a big thing as he’s autistic but with the help of his brother has gone smoothly

Hannah also started school which hasn’t gone as smoothly but where getting the help needed

We also saw the great show this country has seen in a long time the Olympic games the torch going through towns and cities making people feel apart of it following the touch until it arrived in London where the opening of the games and what a opening it was thousands gathering around the TV

Then came the games themselves the athletes put on a wonderful show and the whole country got behind them the medals just kept coming gold sliver and bronze it was sad saying goodbye to the Olympic and Paralympics games but it was so nice seeing the whole country come together

This year has been so packed we’ve been to loads of places baked a loads of cakes and had some wonderful memories so as this year is coming to an end here’s to next year and what ever it has install for us we will grab it with both hands and celebrate ♥

Miracles do happen

This week has started really well

Yesterday Hannah got up in a great mood she was up and out of bed for 8:15 without any fuss no screaming no kicking

I got her dressed and carried her downstairs first thing she did was open her calendar

Breakfast time went smoothly as well after breakfast she had her hair done while I did her sandwiches for school she got herself ready getting her boots on and coat she was even ready before me for once

We left the house at 8:45 a record in our books

The walk to school was nice as well  she wanted to count how many dogs she saw on the way but ended up counting birds nests as there where no dogs out

We got to school for 9:15 yet again another record broken

She had a good day at school as always we went to asda for a drink and because she woke up and went to school nicely she got some sweets as well

When we got home I wanted to keep the happy Hannah so I got out the Christmas cards so she could write them out for her friends at school when she had finished she watched a bit of telly

Tea-time came and went without any hiccups she couldn’t wait to get to swim club we always arrive early and she sits at the edge of the pool while the ones before her finish off there lesson but this week the swim coach asked if it was OK for Hannah to show them how she does her breathing which she was eager to do as she loves being in the water then she had to show them how to do a front crawl

Time for her swimming club practice and this week they were going in the big pool after a quick warm up and a run through they all went through and one by one they had to do 1 length of back stroke and 1 length of front crawl at the end

her swimming coach said she definitely needs to be in this pool but as she’s leaving next week she wants to keep her for just 1 more lesson so after Christmas she will be full time in the big pool which means she can go more then 1 day a week

Its been a very full day for Hannah but she still didn’t go to sleep until 11

When we went to bed it was all talk about her swimming and what a great day it was and then the worry of what tomorrow bring

Tuesday morning

Went to wake Hannah up and got a no so went for a cuppa and gave it 10 mins

Went back up and woke her again and she was more willing managed to get her dressed and carried her down breakfast went well and managed to get out the door without any problems

It was a frosty walk which got us talking about the different footprints and markings left by dogs and pushchairs

she wondered they the sun hadn’t melted the frost so had to explain that it was to cold

We walk through the school doors at 9:10 record time woohoo I just hope she has a great day at school

It seems that taking her out of the school plays was the right decision

To be or not to be

At this time of year there very busy at school

Christmas plays
Carol service

Hannah’s been talking about her school play from last month she was fine with everything but as the days have got closer the less she was  eager to discuss it

Monday she came out of school telling us that she was going  to be a elf in the play

Tuesday morning came and everything was going well we even arrived at school before 10 which to say she walked was a great achievement that was until we walked in the door at school where one of the staff had a go at her for being late and missing most of the plays rehearsal telling her that she should be in early tomorrow so she knows what she’s doing in the play

That evening wasn’t very pleasant she was in a right bad mood shouting at everyone throwing things around we wondered what had happened not putting 2 and 2 together

Wednesday morning comes and what a change there was in her the screaming was back and so was her fighting I got kicked punched and nearly bit

She was screaming saying she doesn’t want to go to school wouldn’t get ready  kicking me while I’m trying to get her shoes and socks on we’ve not had anything like this for 3 weeks something must have set her off

Finally we got her ready for school and out the door she seemed calmer so as we walked to school I asked her why she didn’t want to go to school and she said that she didn’t want to take part in the school play

This came as a bit of a shock

My first thought was that I should try and  persuade her to take part but then that was my feelings as a parent we all want to see our children take part in the Christmas play

But I have to put aside my feelings because Hannah comes first  I know deep down that its the right choice so I’m going into school and having a word with her teacher and telling her that Hannah doesn’t want to be part of the play and to explain that it is causing lots of  anxiety at home

From bad to better and back again

Today started like any other fighting to get Hannah to school in the morning

It takes us about 3 hours from waking to her stepping foot in the door don’t get me wrong she absolutely loves school but she hates the walk there

Today I’ve been bit, kicked and punched

By the time we was walking to school I had a massive headache from her  constant screaming

Finally we got her into school and I could let out a huge sigh of relief

Before going home we went to asda for a nice cup of strong coffee when we got home it was 12 o’clock not much of the day left but managed to clean one of the rabbits out and get ready to go out for lunch with Hubby’s parents

We enjoyed a nice carvery and slowly my headache was vanishing it was so nice sitting there with the conversation flowing

Then hubby banged his hand where he got burned over 5 weeks ago and his scab came off and it didn’t look very healthy so the decision was taken that we would get Hannah from school and go straight to the doctors

Hannah thankfully came out of school very happy and off to the doctors to see if they could fit him in

They got him in and was seen within minutes the news was not good his hand was badly infected the burn has gone right down to his tendon he’s got a week to see if it will start healing if not then its a hospital thing so where keeping our fingers crossed

After leaving the doctors me and Hannah went swimming it was great being back in the water with her  splashing around going down the slides just  genuinely having fun after a few hours of playing it was time to leave and go home

As soon as we walked in the door Hannah got out her homework and set about completing it which didn’t take long as it was maths

Teatime courtesy of our local chip shop

What a full day of emotions being shaken around thank God its the weekend