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Speaking with Selective Mutism Success

This morning was Hannah’s progress assembly. Hannah had a speaking part and yesterday she proudly came home with her lines that she needed to learn which didn’t take her long to memorize.

The only problem is that Hannah has got selective mutism, which means she very rarely speaks in public. In fact she finds it hard talking to her grandparents. Last year she only spoke to then 3 times.

So this morning walking to school she clutched her lines in her hands refusing to put them in her bag. Half way to school i noticed that she wasn’t carrying her lines… she had lost them. I was going to retrace our steps but didn’t know where she had dropped them when Hannah said, “It’s alright i know them”.

We arrived at school and she went into her classroom while we took our seats in the hall. Everyone had a part to play. When it was Hannah’s turn she stood up and she read out her part.

I must have had the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t believe she had done it. I even had a few tears.

This time last year Hannah refused to say her part, and now she finally spoke a few words. This school has been so good for her confidence.