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Moving on up

For the last few months Hannah’s swimming coach has tried to get her to move up a lane but because of her nerves she has refused.

So over the summer hols while swim club has had a break, I’ve taken her every week swimming and we’ve worked in lanes  3 and 4, we concentrated mostly on her tumble turns, where to take her last breath before performing her tumble turn and streamlining out of the turn and then continuing into her stroke, after working for a hour a time we would go into the fun pool and just have a laugh.

Last week saw the return to swim club where she had been asked to start in lane 3, we knew this was coming and was hoping that after all the work she had put in over the summer holidays would pay off, so as she collect her things she walked over and waited near lane 3, yes  it had worked.


On Thursday the swimmers in lanes 3, 4, 5 and 6 where put through there paces and got tested on everything from diving to tumble turns, from front crawl to butterfly, looking at technique.

We were surprised that Hannah was asked to move up into lane 4, but what was more surprising was that Hannah moved up without any tears or fears.


All the work in the holidays had paid off not only in her technique but in her fears, we’re so proud of all the work she put in. x   


got the buzz

There’s nothing like watching my little girl swimming to give me a buzz but yesterday it went to a whole new level 

Yesterday she took part in her first Gala 

She’s been swimming with her local club since she was 5 but this was the first time she was able to take part in a full blown Gala

We arrived a bit to early and had quite a wait before we where aloud to enter and get ready

She was one of the first that was able to warm-up after doing about 6 lengths it was time to climb out and let the older one’s there warm-up

Then came the races and the whole place came alive with shouts of encouragement after a while Hannah came over all overwhelmed by it all after settling her down and a few reassuring hugs i took her back over where all the other competitors were

They were sorting out the next set of races and thankfully it was time we had all been waiting for Hannah race she was in the 3rd set so there wasn’t long to wait i returned back to my seat feeling a little anxious as to whether or not she would find the courage inside to part take

As each race came and went the closer it came and the more nervous i became as to what would happen

Then came her race she stood at the edge of the pool and the official was talking to her telling her what she needed to do she didn’t talk to them just a simple nod of the head told us all that she understood what was being told to her

The whistle came to which she entered the pool hanging on to the starting block next came the honk which signaled the start of the race and she was off the other competitors were a  few years older thn she is and 2 of them even dived in but she managed to keep up with them breathing  every 3 strokes she came to the turn and as she’s been taught she didn’t put her feet down just touched and pushed off the wall

Now the final stretch still keeping up she suddenly found a extra burst it was a close call at the end  and the buzz came she’d done it she didn’t come first but she had taken part and that just alone was the amazing part she came out of the pool beaming and she came over and received a massive hug from me her face was glowing 

I can’t wait for next week when we have to do it all over again here to another buzz 


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How many

Today like most Fridays it was Hannah’s swimming lesson

This week we knew she would be doing her 800m so when we arrived she was all set

The only problem we was having trouble getting her swimming hat to stay on

They all have to wear them now and  there all different colours depending on which stage there at

Hannah’s on the last hat which is purple but this week it just wouldn’t stay on in the end her swimming teacher sorted it out and she was finally ready to jump in and begin

Then just as she started off her swimming teacher came up to me and said try and get her to do 40 lengths and get her 1000m meter badge as well

Now we knew that she would be doing 32 lengths so what’s 8 more so with pen and paper in hand I marked off each length as she completed them

When she got half way she started to slow down after a few words of encouragement she was back to her normal pace now we were on the count down

The final 10 lengths and near disaster her swimming hat came off I quickly grabbed it of her and she carried on like the true trooper she is nothing stopping her achieving her goal

Then we were on the final leg 5 more lengths to go by this point she had got her 800 meters and was well on her way to getting her 1000 meters

The last 2 lengths she was smiling all the way knowing that after she had finished them she would be getting not 1 but 2 badges

Swimming badge

On friday hannah got her stage 5 swimming award

She’s been working towards this award for a while

Each week the swimming instructor would work on a little bit of the badge

The only thing hannah wouldn’t do was wave her hand in the air to signal that she needed help

Hannah just couldn’t understand

In her mind she didn’t need help so why should she wave her hand

For months her instructor would try different ways to get her to wave each week with no avail

Thankfully her instructor understood what was going through her mind and why she wouldn’t wave and gave her the stage 5 award


600 meters

Hannah’s been working towards getting her bronze swimming badge and last week she had to redo her 400 meter badge doing one front and one back swim

For the front Hannah decided to do what I like to call froggy which isn’t her strongest stroke but she kept going

Her swimming teacher asked to see if she could get her 600 meters as well so the bar was set

24 lengths
Her teacher said it was alright if she went over time

I walked up and down the pool encouraging her and counting the lengths also making sure she didn’t bang into anyone when she had to do her backstroke as the lesson only used the first lane and there was about 8 other children

We got to the final 4 lengths left and Hannah gave me a huge smile knowing that she was nearly finished she had passed her 400 meters

which was the requirement for doing her bronze and soon after finished her 600 meters badge


Her swimming teacher asked her to get out and rest but Hannah had other ideas she joined the rest of the lesson and used her float and continued with the lesson doing log rolls with her float in hand with a huge smile on her face she was just having fun but did another 3 lengths

This week hopefully Hannah will get her bronze swimming badge

Pool names

I wanted to write these down somewhere before I forgot them

My daughter can come out with quite a few saying but these are just the names shes gave to the different pools she swims in

The first one came when she was in the training pool she started to called it the sinking pool were not sure why

The second came in the large pool where she does her swimming lessons she calls it the slow pool when asked why she said its because everyone swims slow

Now she’s in the same pool with her swimming club I’m not sure what she will call it now

Looking back 2012

I don’t know about you but I always like looking back over the year this year has been a really good one

I’ve been surprised at some of the photo’s and how much my children have changed in them

This year we have seen some big birthdays the first was that Hannah turned 5 and for her 5th birthday she became a farmer for the day which she still talks about to this day

Then Josiah turned 18 and for his 18th we took him out for a family meal and brought him his first pint

Also this year Hannah’s swimming has reached new highs first she moved up to the big pool in her swimming lessons and she also joined the local swimming club which has done wonders for her swimming and just before they broke up for the Christmas holidays saw her move up to the competition pool as well she’s also gained quite a few new badges as well reaching her 400 meters

We also received some good news the treatment the dentist said sam would need to straighten his tooth wasn’t needed after lots of appointments with different specialist

This year also saw us move into a new house with the help from some friends it went very smoothly and Hannah’s made great friends with the new neighbours

Sam started a new era in his life he left school and started college which for him was a big thing as he’s autistic but with the help of his brother has gone smoothly

Hannah also started school which hasn’t gone as smoothly but where getting the help needed

We also saw the great show this country has seen in a long time the Olympic games the torch going through towns and cities making people feel apart of it following the touch until it arrived in London where the opening of the games and what a opening it was thousands gathering around the TV

Then came the games themselves the athletes put on a wonderful show and the whole country got behind them the medals just kept coming gold sliver and bronze it was sad saying goodbye to the Olympic and Paralympics games but it was so nice seeing the whole country come together

This year has been so packed we’ve been to loads of places baked a loads of cakes and had some wonderful memories so as this year is coming to an end here’s to next year and what ever it has install for us we will grab it with both hands and celebrate ♥