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Steam train

Today we went to Sherwood Steam train. It’s a nice little place with a working steam train which we had a lovely ride on


Hannah and her grandad even got a chance to pull the chain that made the train  whistle and we also got to look at the furnace




We went through gnome village




After we had a nice cup of coffee and hannah played on the park


It’s a great place for young children hannah really enjoyed it


Build-a-bear day








Yesterday we were off to build-a-bear workshop but first we had go to the train station to start our adventure

We got to the train station early and Hannah was really excited asking every minute when the train would be here

When the train arrived we  climbed on board and found a area where all 4 of us could sit together

Hannah sat near the window so she could see out

All the way there she was laughing pointing out horses and trams

Samuel was chatting away and pointing out things for Hannah to see it was a really relaxing train ride

When we arrived at nottingham we got off the train and Hannah wanted to go straight to build-a-bear

But we decided that first as time was short we would get some lunch so off to hollies which happened to be hubby’s favorite place to eat

They have also got a small play area where Hannah could play while we waited for our lunch

Samuel had burger and chips hubby had sausage egg and chips Hannah had a plate of chips and I had a cheeseburger and chips it was very nice and red hot so Hannah went and played for a bit

After we had all munched our lunch it was time to go build-a-bear

We walked to Victoria shopping center and they had still got the Christmas decorations up which Hannah really enjoyed looking at them as we made our way

Finally we had arrived a build-a-bear and we went in and looked at the bears Hannah chose a pink bear called endless hearts teddy and I chose sprinkles donut bear

When we had chosen our bear it was time to chose a sound for it Hannah got a 6 in 1 sounds and I got a giggles one

Then we moved on to the stuffing machine where Hannah got to push the peddle while the shop assistant filled the bear when Hannah’s was full she asked her to pick a heart to put in her bear but first she had to make a wish

When both our bears had been filled it was on to the brushing area and another peddle for Hannah to push

Next it was time to choose some clothes for her bear Hannah got a hello kitty t-shirt for hers and I picked a dress

The final part was to name our new bears Hannah called hers Bella and mine is sparkles

Then Samuel wanted to look for some new headphones because his had broke on the train

After Samuel had brought his headphones it was time to catch the train back as it was Hannah’s first early achievers swimming lesson

A very fun day filled with lots of good memories for all


Today we went to Matlock

First we went to a large bookshop that had 3 floors Hannah really enjoyed going up and down the stairs

Here is the view from the window


Al wanted to get some sweets so he went in a shop and I waited outside where Hannah and grandad got a free ice-cream from a kind man 🙂

Time for dinner and we went for chips which Hannah ate most of them which made a change 🙂

Then we went to the park. They had a bird show and there was quite a few different one’s

Here’s a few of them






I even got to hold one


We carried on into the park to the play area where Hannah played for ages we took a spare change of clothes so she could play in the outdoor pool



After I had got her changed she wanted to go on the mini train that runs through the park


Then it was back to the car we had to tell Hannah that the timer on the car was running out and we had to go back and move on to the next place which was Matlock bath

We went in a few shops and Hannah got a water gun and I got a music box with a humming bird on

Then we went to see the fish




We crossed over and went in the first arcade and Hannah had a load of 2ps and after winning quite a few 2ps she also won a keyring

Then we moved on a bit to the next arcade and she had a ride in a rollercoaster simulator



By then we was all ready for a coffee and a sit down

After that we went to the last arcade and this time hannah was just running around but I managed to win her a kaleidoscope 🙂

Then we brought her brothers a stick of rock

Its Been a really great day out 🙂