Steam train

Today we went to Sherwood Steam train. It’s a nice little place with a working steam train which we had a lovely ride on


Hannah and her grandad even got a chance to pull the chain that made the train  whistle and we also got to look at the furnace




We went through gnome village




After we had a nice cup of coffee and hannah played on the park


It’s a great place for young children hannah really enjoyed it


Speaking with Selective Mutism Success

This morning was Hannah’s progress assembly. Hannah had a speaking part and yesterday she proudly came home with her lines that she needed to learn which didn’t take her long to memorize.

The only problem is that Hannah has got selective mutism, which means she very rarely speaks in public. In fact she finds it hard talking to her grandparents. Last year she only spoke to then 3 times.

So this morning walking to school she clutched her lines in her hands refusing to put them in her bag. Half way to school i noticed that she wasn’t carrying her lines… she had lost them. I was going to retrace our steps but didn’t know where she had dropped them when Hannah said, “It’s alright i know them”.

We arrived at school and she went into her classroom while we took our seats in the hall. Everyone had a part to play. When it was Hannah’s turn she stood up and she read out her part.

I must have had the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t believe she had done it. I even had a few tears.

This time last year Hannah refused to say her part, and now she finally spoke a few words. This school has been so good for her confidence.

Stroke of luck

Harry and Amy had just finished packing there last box and Harry loaded it the lorry closed the doors and leaned back and stirred back at the now empty  house Amy came  and joined him Harry slipped his arm round Amy and they both stood there looking back after 5 years they were finally moving out of there home if that’s what you could it everything was falling apart but the owner couldn’t be bothered to fix it up and last winter they had spent most if it at his mum’s house because the heating wouldn’t work Harry and Amy wasn’t prepared to let the twins and Katie go through all that again especially now they were expecting there 4th child so when Harry got his promotion at work the first thing they did was look for a home and tonight they would spend it in there home

As they turned the corner of their new street the sun decided to come out from them dark clouds Amy couldn’t help but smile things where starting to look up for once Harry unlocked the front door while Amy picked up the box at her feet bring it straight into the kitchen let’s have a cup of coffee before we start unpacking Harry had to laugh his wonderful wife was always so organized  they sat on the back garden Amy leaned her head on Harry’s shoulder at this moment at she is the happiest she’d even been 







Twenty Wishes

I love to read.

Most evenings you can find me curled up on the sofa with a book in hand.

Often while i’m reading something will come up in the book where i think that’s a great idea i’m going to do that but as soon as I’ve finished the book and started the next I’ve totally forgot about it. 

That was until i read Debbie Macomber book called Twenty Wishes..

It’s about a group of widows who gather together and come up with the idea to make a list of twenty things that they would like to happen in there lives.

They ranged from falling in love to buy a pair of red cowboy boots. It was amazing to read how this list changed there lives so much for the better.

So i decided to take a leaf out of her book and make my own list of Twenty wishes. I’ve got nothing to lose but so much to gain, so here goes.

I’ve only managed a few things and will update when i add more to the list 

1)     Learn to drive

2)     Go to London

3)     Pass my ASA level 1 

4)     Go and see the panda’s at Edinburgh Zoo 

5)     Watch a theater show  


I’d love to read anyone else’s twenty wishes, and how it has changed your lives.

Moving on up

For the last few months Hannah’s swimming coach has tried to get her to move up a lane but because of her nerves she has refused.

So over the summer hols while swim club has had a break, I’ve taken her every week swimming and we’ve worked in lanes  3 and 4, we concentrated mostly on her tumble turns, where to take her last breath before performing her tumble turn and streamlining out of the turn and then continuing into her stroke, after working for a hour a time we would go into the fun pool and just have a laugh.

Last week saw the return to swim club where she had been asked to start in lane 3, we knew this was coming and was hoping that after all the work she had put in over the summer holidays would pay off, so as she collect her things she walked over and waited near lane 3, yes  it had worked.


On Thursday the swimmers in lanes 3, 4, 5 and 6 where put through there paces and got tested on everything from diving to tumble turns, from front crawl to butterfly, looking at technique.

We were surprised that Hannah was asked to move up into lane 4, but what was more surprising was that Hannah moved up without any tears or fears.


All the work in the holidays had paid off not only in her technique but in her fears, we’re so proud of all the work she put in. x   

Friends house

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Hannah had been playing out with our neighbor’s children most of the day, our neighbor had to nip out so i kept a eye on them making sure they were alright, when Hannah  walked in asking if she could go round next door to look at his bedroom her only condition was that i had to go round as well.

I told her that she would have to wait until our neighbor came back, so they carried on playing outside and after a few minutes she arrived back, Hannah dashed through the door saying it was time.

Our neighbor Know’s what Hannah’s like and after i told her that she wanted to see his room (by the way he’s only 4 🙂 ) she was fine, we both entered, and she quickly ran upstairs to his room, after a quick check to make sure that i was there she was back upstairs, i left her there and returned home,

5 minutes went by and no sign of her, i kept listening for her coming back but nothing, 10 minutes still nothing, 20 minutes later and the door bell went.

It was our neighbor staying that Hannah had come downstairs and she had told her that i had to nip home to do some jobs to which she was happy and went back upstairs playing,  we where both so happy Hannah’s not been to her friends house to play since March, refusing to go anywhere unless i was there, where both hopping that she will now go round to play a lot more.

She had been there a full 25 minutes before continuing to play on the front.

First Words

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These are the most eagerly awaited words in the world for every parent. What will it be? Almost ever child will either come out with mummy or daddy.

With my eldest Josiah it was his dad’s name Al

With my second Sam it was mummy so we were 1 child each

Then i became pregnant with out third child and we where both wondering what her first word would be. To be honest there was a bit of rivalry between us, both of us consistently repeating Mama or Dada to her.

As she grow the anticipation was growing What would her first words be?
Then it came. We were pushing her along in her pushchair going to her grandparents us talking about what we were having for dinner, we had just walked round the corner to her house her first word popped out her tiny month, to our complete shock it wasn’t mum or dad — no it was gay-gee as you can imagine we stopped dead in our tracks wondering if we had heard her right, So we repeated it back to “gay-gee” to her just as she had said and no we hadn’t missed heard her, she said it again almost like she was asking a question “gay-gee” to which he replied “yes you can have gravy with your dinner”

To this day it still makes us smile when ever we talk about our children’s first words.